Friday, January 27, 2012

House #1? House #2? House #3!

My husband and I felt like we should have been on an episode of House Hunters.  We have been looking at so many types of properties and in so many locations that it kind of felt like a toss of a dice where we would land.  We didn't pick the cute house with a yard near the foothills that was completely finished, we didn't pick the fixer upper with the shop near the university, but we DID pick the small semi fixer upper duplex with the great location!  We are now the proud owners of an investment property.  For the next 3 years we will be working on and living in one unit while we rent out the other.  At that time we will purchase a house for ourselves and continue to rent out both units in the duplex for the income potential.  Has anyone done this before?  Any recommendations?  We were urged to read Landlording which looks like an interesting read.  I will keep you posted on our experiences as it goes.

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