Thursday, April 26, 2012

Diet : Day 2

Rainy days aren't very good to me.  They make me want to bake.... here was our healthy food of the day (ha.ha.)

Buying a house is like having a baby

No joke!  Not only are they both expensive, but I am seeing a pattern similarity! ;)  Here it goes:

You have that 'fun' leisurely part of just looking at what is available (seeing cute babies), then the stressful part of finding the perfect one, out bidding other buyers, and getting approved for a mortgage (morning sickness, getting fat).  Next comes the signing of paperwork and renovations (no sleep, lots of work), and finally the forgetting of all the awfulness and wanting to do it all over again because you like the end result.

Call me crazy but today I started looking at real estate and our renovations aren't even complete.  I need an intervention.  Someone please intervene!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Diet : Day 1

Now, the question is whether or not posting that title will make me more apt to stick with it.  Summer weather is officially here, and my shorts do not fit!  The same thing happens every spring/early summer.  I go through this cycle of losing 8-10 lbs every summer only to gain it all back through the winter.  Well, not THIS summer!  I am going to lose it and keep it off.  Yep, I will be wearing (or at least trying on) those shorts ALL winter to make sure I am still on track.  I am 28 and my body isn't what it once was (I wonder if that is due to age or babies?).  I can no longer eat dessert for every meal and work out when the whim strikes me.... it is time to form lifestyle habits.  (Why am I suddenly sad when this is actually a good thing?).  Here we go.... out with the laziness in with the daily workouts!  Wish me luck ;)

Friday, April 20, 2012


of painting... endless walls.  Seriously, how can there be so MANY walls in a 2 bd/2bath duplex??  I am pretty sure it might take me a year to finish painting this place.  Of course, it would help if I would choose one color for each room instead of changing my mind after the first coat.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I had forgotten how lovely it feels to go barefoot.  To open up the patio door, sip an espresso and feel as though you are productive solely because you have been outdoors.  I love the sounds of lawnmowers in the distance, children playing outside, and backyard picnics.  I love open windows and watching the birds dance in the trees.  I love new floppy hats, sunscreen white faces, and the glamour of sunglasses.  The simplicity of just slipping on sandals and stepping outside.  The decadence of sipping a cold drink while sitting on your back porch watching the clouds drift by.  Oh the joys of lazy spring days!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

....and.... we're back!

Whew!  It has been a crazy 1 1/2 months!  Every single spare moment was spent getting the rental side of the duplex up and ready.  We now have tenants!  So... the work on our side begins.  But this is the fun part.  I am so excited to decorate and get it ready for us.  Pinterest has been my best friend lately and has helped my planning tremendously!  So many great and creative ideas for small spaces on there.  Can't wait to show you all before and after photos!