Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Diet : Day 1

Now, the question is whether or not posting that title will make me more apt to stick with it.  Summer weather is officially here, and my shorts do not fit!  The same thing happens every spring/early summer.  I go through this cycle of losing 8-10 lbs every summer only to gain it all back through the winter.  Well, not THIS summer!  I am going to lose it and keep it off.  Yep, I will be wearing (or at least trying on) those shorts ALL winter to make sure I am still on track.  I am 28 and my body isn't what it once was (I wonder if that is due to age or babies?).  I can no longer eat dessert for every meal and work out when the whim strikes me.... it is time to form lifestyle habits.  (Why am I suddenly sad when this is actually a good thing?).  Here we go.... out with the laziness in with the daily workouts!  Wish me luck ;)

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