Saturday, January 21, 2012

Project: Couch



My husband is awesome.  We bought a sewing machine so we could sew duvet covers for our boys.... fast forward 6 months, I still don't know how to turn the thing on yet he has already sewn a soft top for his bronco and re-hemmed pants.  This is how our relationship works: I pick out the project and get the materials and he completes them for me.  It is great!  Anyway, several months ago I decided it was time to sew a slip cover for our sad looking leather couch.  Last week I still hadn't done anything so he took it a step further and made new cushions for the couch.

Here is what he did:

The cushions on the couch were not removable, they were seamed in with the seams of the couch.  His first step was to cut the leather (cutting about 3" above the seam so he did not ruin the look of the front of the couch) then use an upholstery staple gun to secure the leather back onto the frame.

After preshrinking our material (corduroy) he cut out the sizes he needed for the top, bottom, and sides then pinned it together over the foam/cushion (we used what was already there; it was covered in leather previously so nothing had penetrated into the foam) to make sure he was pinning it to size.  Make sure you lay the fabric down so the inside of the fabric is facing you as you will turn it 'inside out' after you sew it so your seam is on the inside.

Then, sew.
 We used a waterproof material around the foam (just wrapped it around, no sewing necessary) so the cushion wouldn't be ruined if our boys spilled anything on the couch (although as you can imagine, food is outlawed on the couch now ;) ).
 Then he stuffed the foam into the cover similar to the way you put a pillow into a pillowcase.
 We used iron on fabric velcro to secure the back so we can wash the fabric as needed.
Final product!  It took 4 hours, but looks SO MUCH BETTER!  Next step is to make throw pillows that incorporate both colors :)

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