Thursday, August 16, 2012

Every moment spent with you

The most important part of my life is my 3 boys.  My husband, and my two baby boys.  They make up my world.  I never really lived until they entered my life... they make me see every sunset, every flower, and view my world in a new and brighter way.  Every thing is more fun when I am with them.  Words cannot convey how loved I feel when two little arms wrap around my neck to give me a hug or they way the words "Mama, I love you" can make me feel.  My third boy makes me constantly feel young and vibrant.  He supports me in everything I do and is my best friend.  He plays with my hair when I have a headache, goes to the store just to get me chocolate, and can make my day with a simple text.  I am, and will always be, the luckiest woman.

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