Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Avoiding going crazy this winter....

It is only week 1 of cold weather; the boys and I have been outside ALL summer and are having a rough time adjusting.  Okay, honestly it is just me.  They are content with legos and cars... however I am SO bored!  Here are some indoor activities I came up do with them when I wish I was outside...  I am going to print these out, put them in a jar and whenever we get bored this winter we will choose an activity!

-Go 'fish' with a pole, magnet, and catch some cute fish w/ magnets attached
-Dance in the kitchen
-Play candyland/memory/chutes and ladders/bingo
-Play kickball or ride bikes in the garage
-Mall day (shopping, chocolates, kid rides, you name it!)
-Make and decorate gingerbread men
-Play marbles
-Teach them to play 'pick up sticks'
-Pool Party!  We fill the kiddie pool up in the living room (with tarps and towels under it to protect the floors), make summer type foods/drinks, and blow bubbles
-Make blanket forts
-Tea party w/ scones (I buy kid friendly tea and they LOVE it; but you could also use juice)
-Puppet show (make sock/paper bag puppets first!)
-Family Movie time (popcorn, etc)
-Coffee shop!  The boys and I LOVE to eat pastries and get out of the house for a little while  
-Cleaning day (exciting, I know lol BUT it is something to do, and wonderfully enough my boys love to help clean)
-Pictures (dress them up and have them do funny poses then make a collage)
-New puzzles
-"Preschool time" 
-Story time
-Hide and Seek
-Make apple cider 
-Craft time

Hopefully this helps some other Mamas out there!  Please feel free to comment with any additional ideas!

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